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Greywater disposal systems and recycling kits for graywater reuse with irrigation.
Wastewater recycling consultation, parts, and services for homeowner builders with
twenty years of experience in these zero-energy, low maintenance sewage alternatives.

Greywater or graywater is household waste water from all plumbing fixtures except toilet and garbage disposal, which is blackwater. Rural homeowners with individual sewage disposal septic systems commonly divert at least their washing machine water away from the septic tank. The longer your septic tank has time to settle out solids, the better. And the less bacteria killing soaps and detergents in your septic tank, the better. Diverting graywater also reduces the load carried by your septic system leach field, greatly extending its life expectancy and effectiveness. In recent years, attention has been drawn to recycling graywater to conserve water and make better use of its fertilizer potential. Phosphate rich soaps and cleaning chemicals are considered pollutants when discharged directly into waterways, primarily because they accelerate algae growth, which in turn leads to oxygen depletion for fish and other marine life. The beauty of this 'pollutant problem' is the fact that mild household cleaning supplies are excellent sources of nutrition as liquid fertilizer for irrigation of trees, privacy hedge rows, and ornamental planterbeds.

"Are we allowed to install this greywater system on our property" is not a question we can answer for you. We have been providing this same passive (non electric) greywater system for over twenty years now, but we do not follow constantly changing city, county, and state building regulations. The beauty of our time-tested design is it's based on a small-scale septic system and that should be seen as conventional to your local building officials. Unfortunately, with over 3000 counties in the United States, regulations changing from year-to-year, and interpretations of those rules varying from one inspector to another, it's never possible to say for certain 'what is allowed' locally. The county building department is your primary source of information on what is possible to install according to local 'code'. Rather than telephone them with questions, you should drive over in person and get a copy of their local Individual Sewage Disposal System ISDS Regs and also get a list of locally licensed soil engineers. The building department will confirm or revise your site plans once submitted for approval. Often the county inspector will assist you with site plans and design as a service provided for their permit filing fee. If not, they will refer you to a local engineering firm that can visit the property in person and design the system. We provide free consultation after the sale on installation procedures, system design improvements, and operational issues, but we do not provide any soil testing, on-site services, 'stamped' engineered plans, or 'advanced treatment' systems.

Leach pit kit for alternative greywater leach fields and leaching pits

Drywell Leach Pits

Professional geotextile fabric for leach fields, French drains, weeds and roots

Geotextile Fabric

Greywater system filter basins

Filter Basin

Greywater tank fittings and filter kit

Greywater Tank Fitting & Filter Kit

Flow director valve splits graywater 50/50 or all to one side

Flow Director Valve

We offer two standard system choices: direct greywater disposal or reuse of graywater for irrigation. Both kits feature the same settling basin tank, differing only in the additional parts and fittings supplied. We've been designing and building greywater systems for twenty years now, so when you have installation questions or operational issues later, we are here for you. The kits are very easy to install, with pre-cut pipe and all fittings individually hand-labeled. Parts are common, locally available 4 inch diameter SDR35 PVC Sewer & Drain fittings for future expansion ease. Our greywater systems are tried and true with no mechanical gizmos - no motors or parts that will ever need replacing.

Greywater Recycling Kit is $895*
price includes shipping, which runs us well over $200 these days...

Our passive (no moving parts) non-electric graywater irrigation reuse kit makes watering your planterbeds a breeze for only $895* delivered price (includes shipping, which runs us well over $200 these days) and design consultation. Graywater from your home is piped directly to this durable, buried vault where solid debris (lint, hair, and dirt) settles to the bottom and grease floats to the top. As household greywater flows in, clarified graywater irrigation flows out to the director valve, where it splits 50/50 or all to one leach field. All of the fittings required to install your greywater filtering settling tank are included: threaded cleanout, inlet and outlet rubber grommets (inlet hole not shown in picture), neoprene gasket, tamper resistant fasteners, self-cleaning filter cartridge, handle extension kit, and a free hole saw kit to cut the inlet and outlet holes. Leach field kit fittings are all standard four inch diameter: 4 atrium style vent grates, 6 tees, 4 90's, 6 caps, and three extra couplers. This $895 greywater recycling system includes the settling tank plus all fittings noted.

click here for the greywater Recycling System detail page

Greywater Disposal Kit with drywell $795*
price includes shipping, which runs us well over $200 these days...

You don't have to reuse your greywater. If you simply want to dispose of the greywater, you can buy our passive (non-electric gravity drainage) greywater disposal package for $795* delivered price (includes shipping, which runs us well over $200 these days) and design consultation. One of the worst things for a septic system is to dispose of washing machine water directly into the septic tank. Even mild all-natural bio-degradable soapy water KILLS bacteria - it is the nature of soaps and detergents. And bacteria is what drives healthy septic system digestion and decomposition of toilet paper and solid waste in the septic tank. Diverting at least the washing machine water to a greywater disposal system will save your septic system from having to be pumped as often and prevent catastrophic failure of leach fields. Every graywater system we sell is a complete kit that includes all of the parts you'll need* PLUS toll-free assistance! This $795 greywater disposal system includes the settling tank with fittings and filter kit plus one complete drywell leach pit kit.

click here for the greywater Disposal System detail page

$895 Greywater Recycling Kit price
includes shipping, design consultation,
and these complete system parts:

*  Settling Basin with lid and gasket material, plus rubber grommets to secure the four inch diameter inlet and outlet pipes.
*  Tank Fittings kit with threaded cleanout, inlet & outlet beveled pipes, inlet drop tee, couplers, and a 10 piece hole saw kit.
*  Graywater Filter with housing and handle. 'Self-cleaning' sieve is never replaced, just rinsed when you inspect tank sediment level.

*  Flow Director Valve splits greywater 50/50 into two separate, equally watered areas or 100% periodically in just one direction.
*  Leach Field Fittings and vent drain kit includes 4 atrium style vent grates, 6 tees, 4 long sweep bend 90's, 6 caps and 3 couplers.

$895* with FREE shipping
UPS Ground - lower 48 states only

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Reuse kit features atrium grates in tee fittings to promote leach field venting, which is key to healthy soil culture and plant roots. Caps allow you to stop venting in exceptionally cold climates to protect against possible winter root freezing issues. Please click here for our greywater recycling system detail page with installation examples and system cut-aways.

inlet hole & fittings on opposite side not pictured

Greywater recycling or direct disposal system kits with settling tank filter basin

26" diameter by 42" tall - same tank both systems

$795 Greywater Disposal Kit price
includes shipping, design consultation,
and these complete system parts:

*  Settling Basin with lid and gasket material, plus rubber grommets to secure the four inch diameter inlet and outlet pipes.
*  Tank Fittings kit with threaded cleanout, inlet & outlet beveled pipes, inlet drop tee, couplers, and a 10 piece hole saw kit.
*  Graywater Filter with housing and handle. 'Self-cleaning' sieve is never replaced, just rinsed when you inspect tank sediment level.

*  One drywell Leach Pit kit complete with vent and inlet tee fittings and fabric. One drywell is usually plenty with enough gravel in the hole.

$795* - FREE shipping
UPS Ground - lower 48 states only

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Disposal kit includes one complete drywell kit, plus one settling tank complete with threaded cleanout, inlet & outlet pipes, rubber grommets (inlet hole not shown in picture), neoprene gasket, tamper resistant fasteners, self-cleaning filter cartridge with handle, and a free hole saw kit. Client supplies only the locally available four inch sewer pipe from house to tank and from tank to drywell. Click here for greywater disposal system detail page with installation examples and system cut-aways.

Please note that all graywater system kit parts are sold separately, farther down this page

We do not sell systems that reuse greywater for flushing toilets and do not recommend you even consider this expensive 'high-tech' answer to a much simpler question. Direct disposal or reuse of greywater outside of the home is very straight-forward, economical, and passive without any moving parts, pumps, UV sterilizers, or filters that eventually require replacement or repair. Roof run-off cisterns are an excellent source of toilet flushing water should you wish to conserve water, but recycling greywater to flush your toilet is simply not cost-effective and is potentially unhealthy. It is much easier, less expensive, and worlds safer to directly dispose of greywater in a leaching pit or reuse as sub-surface irrigation (never use greywater for above-ground sprinkler systems). From an environmental standpoint, the main reason for greywater reuse is to actually reuse the soaps, skin particles, shampoo, and hair conditioner as plant fertilizer, keeping them out of the waterways. To buy an expensive system, have it installed, dedicate the floor space, and maintain the filters and UV treatment bulbs simply to sterilize greywater and flush your toilet with it is not cost effective nor environmentally conscious. What little greywater is produced by the average family is better directly reused for plant growth or simply disposed of, right back into the aquifer after it percolates through the ground for treatment. At the very least, it makes absolutely no sense to flush the phosphate and bacteria killing soap laden filtered greywater down the toilet and into your septic tank where it disrupts digestive function. The extreme risk of legal liability is always a consideration for the savvy contractor, homeowner, and your local building officials. What happens when the graywater toilet system fails to sterilize properly and someone gets sick as a result? Here in the United States, a toilet full of sterilized graywater is a lawsuit just waiting to happen. That's why toilet water reuse systems have never caught on - not cost effective and simply not safe should maintenance be neglected. Our advice: stick to simple direct reuse, non-electric, greywater recycling or disposal system... avoid high tech storage and toilet flushing greywater schemes.

Always limit the amount of debris and sediment going down your drains by installing strainer baskets in every sink, tub and shower. When your utility room sink is installed alongside the washing machine, you can attach a five gallon paint strainer bag to the washing machine effluent hose with a clamp, as pictured at right. Laundry lint (synthetic fibers, especially), hair, and sediment (dirt) does not decompose readily, eventually clogging any leach field by creating an impenetrable 'bio-mat', unless filtered out with a settling tank. Our settling tank system removes/contains debris and fats, ensuring a much longer-lasting graywater irrigation or disposal system.

Top Ten - greywater recycling and disposal system design errors to avoid...

  • never use unlabeled, unsealable, unvented tanks for health and safety reasons and avoid metal parts
  • never store 'treated' greywater for future use in large holding tanks, cistern, or pond, since it will 'go septic'
  • always install a settling tank to filter particulates and prevent bio-mat from clogging leach field or pit
  • never bury your settling and filtration tank without planning ahead for easy access and yearly inspection
  • never allow greywater to drain directly atop bare ground or be sprayed around a yard with sprinklers
  • always drain graywater underneath soil or mulch to minimize exposure and protect pipe from UV damage
  • always vent sink fixtures, settling tank, and leach field to allow fresh airflow for best system and soil health
  • always drain and vent plant containers and greenhouse planterbeds as soil needs oxygen or it will go sour
  • always supplement nitrogen when reusing graywater for plants, since it is lacking in the nutrient mixture
  • never leave PVC pipe exposed - always hide inside home walls because smoke from PVC burning is toxic
  • Keep lint out of your greywater leach field!

    Installing a paint strainer bag on your washing machine outlet is the best insurance for your greywater system's operation.

    Building a new home or renovating an existing septic system? We have many years of hands-on experience with all manner of greywater systems, septic tanks and leach fields. Sign up for one of our two greywater system packages and we'll consult on your design to head-off critical errors before they happen. Please note that we are consultants only and do not offer any stamped, engineered plans. If you are required by local building code to present engineered designs and/or soil testing reports, you must also retain a local engineering firm. Our Terms of Service Agreement details greywater consultation services. Please give it a good read so there are no misunderstandings about product liability, our services, and returns.

        a host of GOOD, BETTER, BEST operation and design choices... just like any construction project

    Best practice for any greywater system is to install an in-line settling tank before the leach pit (drywell) or leach field,
    as included with the $795 and $895 kits above. Good enough is to discharge graywater directly into a single drywell. When disposing of a limited amount of graywater from BBQ patio sink, pool shower, warehouse mop drain, or barn cleanup area, one drywell kit at $169 delivered price is an economical option. Better yet is to install two drywells in series, one after the other, so the first drywell can act as a sediment catch. With two drywells, more clarified greywater is sent along to the second leach pit (or perforated pipe leach field) ensuring long term viability. Lint, hair, sediment, and fats build-up over time, eventually clogging the soil and gravel around your drywell... but that will take many years, with minimal attention. The less you flush down the drain, the less you will eventually remove from settling tank and the less chance of clogging your leach pit(s). Use of liquid soaps, screen traps in drains, and a washing machine with removable lint filter, virtually eliminates larger particulates. With proper attention to what goes down the drain, you are very unlikely to have to pump sediment yearly, but one should inspect yearly to be certain all is well. The greywater filter is self-cleaning to the extent that it should never clog and never need replacing. During inspection, you can pull the sieve filter out by its handle and rinse off any particulates with a garden hose, right back into the settling tank. Please be certain to wear skin and face/eye protection since material in settling basin is to be considered hazardous septic waste with possibly infectious bodily fluids. Please use professionally licensed septic waste hauler services to have accumulated solids pumped from the settling tank. If you have a septic system at your home, they should pump both tanks at the same time, usually once every 3-5 years.

    Our drywells make excellent leaching pits for greywater and full-size septic systems alike. Gravel backfill around and under the drywell is not necessary, but will increase the drainage capacity and longevity of your leaching pit. One drywell with a foot of gravel under and around it will dispose of 200+ gallons per day in well-draining soils. Shown below is a sample installation with TWO drywells in series - bringing greywater in through the lid with a sanitary "San Tee" fitting. The first drywell acts as a sediment catch basin, providing more clarified greywater to the next leach pit in series. Venting your leaching pit system is most highly recommended and also provides a handy 4 inch diameter pipe inspection/cleaning port. Oxygen keeps the greywater drainage pit dry and the soil around it much healthier. Freezing is rarely a problem with running water underground and especially not an issue when you have enough gravel under and around the drywell. Frost does not form in a gravel bed, only in wet earth, so don't worry about frost issues with properly installed drywells. You can always cap the vents in deep winter if need be, but eliminating the vent altogether is a classic design error.. Top loading through the san tee fitting with surface vent ensures maximum surge capacity for the drywell. We provide all of the fittings pictured with your kit (san tee, riser, coupler, vent, and geotextile fabric). Please note the geotextile fabric is included for installation above the gravel layer to extend the life of your leach pit. Keeping topsoil out of your gravel layer around the drywell is key to any installation.

    Assembled drywell with sanitary tee inlet fitting, riser, coupler, and vent grate included with kit Traditional site plan sample with two drywells installed in series so first can act as sediment catch

    It is possible to install a drywell gravel-less, just using native soil for backfill if it percolates quickly, but for best results, place at least a foot or two of gravel under and around the drywell. Six inches of gravel, as noted above, should be considered a bare minimum only. DO NOT put gravel inside of the drywell, as that would defeat its purpose as a surge vessel.

    One drywell in a large leach pit is conventional, but two drywells can be installed in series, as pictured above, for additional initial surge capacity and long-term viability, especially in poorly percolating soils. Till soil at least a foot in base of leach pit for best percolation.

    Two drywells in series

    Drywell kits are excellent for use with greywater reuse systems, too. Sometimes you must divert greywater away from your orchard or planterbed for simple disposal. See director valve fitting for details on how to split flow 50/50 or all one direction. Fruit trees, for instance, benefit from having their root systems go dry for a few days. As with all of our products, we'll work closely with you, providing toll-free consultation during construction! Please note that you should ALWAYS install a settling tank filter basin in-line before your leach field or run the risk of clogging it with grease and fats and filling with solids like hair and laundry lint. You can simply install a drywell, or two, for your washing machine and have direct input. Just keep in mind that all of that lint and grease is going to slowly build up, eventually clogging the first drywell the unfiltered greywater spills into. That is why you have to install at least two drywells in series when not installing a filter basin settling tank (complete systems shown above). The following illustrates use of drywells for leach field overflow and sloped lot design options. More in-depth reuse system ideas are to be found in the greywater recycling system detail chapter.

    Drywell kits are excellent for use with greywater reuse systems

    Gravel-less drywell with complete installation kit is $169* delivered...
    *  FREE sanitary tee curved inlet 4" diameter S/D sewer drain pipe 3-way T fitting brings liquid in through top center knockout on drywell lid
    *  FREE vent grate is a green, slotted plastic, four inch drain with riser and coupler fittings to vent your leach pit... which is very IMPORTANT
    *  FREE geotextile fabric lays atop leach pit gravel, before backfilling with final soil, to prevent dirt and root intrusion - 24 square foot (3' by 8')
    *  FREE Shipping UPS Ground to 48 states - we do not ship to APO, US Mail Box, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Isles, Mexico or Canada

    Assembled drywell kit

    Drywell kit with lid
    24 inch diameter - 29 inch tall
    lid, three sides, 4" S/D inlet tee
    green vent grate with riser & coupler
    and 24 sq ft of geotextile filter fabric
    $169*  free UPS Ground

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    Drywell three sides for stacking

    extra set of 3 side panels
    stack drywells 53 or 77 inch tall
    extends our drywell kit by two feet
    free 24 sq ft of geotextile filter fabric
    $119*  free UPS Ground

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    Surface drain optional part

    optional surface drain
    heavy-duty 7" by 10" tall drain
    suitable for car traffic, it is placed in
    middle of puddle, driveway or patio
    bottom of this drain is run out to
    drywell in your yard with 4" pipe
    $35*  free UPS Ground

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    Bottom panel optional part

    optional bottom panel
    not used when disposing of water
    for drywell use as sump pump base
    or lid support in heavy traffic areas
    NEVER drive vehicles over drywells
    $35*   free UPS Ground shipping is ONLY when purchased at same time as the drywell kit

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    we keep drywell parts and fabric in stock for quick shipment by the next business day

    Geotextile fabric - professional duty 35 mil 5 ounce sq/yd for use with leach pits and fields...

    Never install plastic 'visquene' sheeting or cheap non-woven 'weed barrier' landscaping fabric in place of professional grade heavy-duty woven geotextile fabric for septic system leach fields, drywell pits, French drains, or soil stabilization in foundation drainage projects. Besides longevity, the problem with using visquene plastic sheeting or cheap weed barrier non-woven materials, is they suffocate the soil, ultimately causing anaerobic soil conditions, biomat formation, root rot, and molding issues. Plastic sheeting becomes brittle and tears within a few years and the adhesive bond holding non-woven weed-barrier fabric together eventually decomposes, slipping, ripping and tearing, and allowing sand and soil to migrate into the gravel drainage layer of leach field or French drain. Invest in our professional grade woven geotextile fabric with a full 35 mil thickness and extra heavy-duty five ounce per square yard weight. Built for a lifetime of service, this is one of the only 'hydrophilic treated' materials on the market, with needle punched, multi-layer woven design technology that lets air, water, and nutrients through, but keeps the soil out. Hydrophilic fabrics are critical in septic and greywater leach fields where oxygen penetrating into the soil is vital for long-term performance and protection against soil percolation failure. Unlike most fabrics, it features a very functional 'fuzzy' side that lays down against the soil to prevent slippage, making it very easy to install on sloped ground. The shiny smooth side has printed stripes every foot on center, full-length, for gauging trench elevations, rock fill levels, or lining up plants. This professional grade geotextile fabric has proven itself over time to be a superior performer, as compared to other '20+ year landscaping fabrics'.

    The primary place for geotextile fabric is above the gravel layer of your leach field lines, French drain, or drywell leach pit. Additionally, one can line the outside walls/sides of the excavated leach pit or drain lines to keep soil from migrating into the gravel from sides. This sidewall protection is always recommended when soils are loose or sandy and would otherwise tend to wash soil into the gravel. Geotextile fabric is also used for wrapping perforated pipe-in-gravel French drains, as pictured at right, with fabric on the bottom of trench too. French drains are wrapped like a burrito, unlike greywater leach field lines where the fabric is on the top and sides only. Protecting your leach pit and perforated pipe gravel from soil and root infiltration is crucial to long-term soil percolation and preventing leach field failure.

    Geotextile engineering specifications

    Geotextile filter fabric used for wrapping French drain perforated pipe

    3 foot, 4 foot, 5 foot, and 6 foot wide professional-duty geotextile fabric
    pre-cut rolls of 30 foot, 60 foot, 120 foot (see below for full 250 foot rolls)

    Professional strength, heavy-duty woven 35 mil thick geotextile fabric is hydrophilic treated to
    allow air, water, and nutrients through its needle punched, multi-layer technology for a lifetime of service.

    FREE UPS Ground Shipping
    with no delivery to APO/FPO, mail boxes, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, US VI, Mexico or Canada

    3 foot wide

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    4 foot wide

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    5 foot wide

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    6 foot wide

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    250 foot long full rolls of professional-duty geotextile fabric
    FREE UPS Ground Shipping
    with no delivery to APO/FPO, mail boxes, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, US VI, Mexico or Canada

    250 foot long full rolls
    In stock and ships within two business days.
    Please e-mail natural@colorado.net
    for a quote on more than two full rolls.

    $170 - 3 foot by 250' roll
    $220 - 4 foot by 250' roll
    $270 - 5 foot by 250' roll
    $320 - 6 foot by 250' roll


    á la carte greywater system components and parts

    The $795 graywater disposal and $895 greywater reuse system kits offered above come complete with on-going consultation to help with your greywater system design, installation, and operation. We also offer greywater system components individually and are happy to assist with any questions or concerns about the parts you purchase. We do not, however, provide any engineering or custom blueprinting services and cannot provide contractor referrals. Unfortunately, we cannot address what may be required by your local building department and site-specific soil conditions.

    Settling basin for use with greywater filter to trap sediment in-line after graywater tank...

    Nothing beats the protection of a nice settling tank with filter, in-line before the leach field or drainage drywell pit. This durable, buried 'vault' is just the right size for any family and has long been a standard part of every complete greywater system we sell. Solid debris (lint, hair, and dirt) settles to the bottom and grease (fats) float to the top. A priceless tip with any greywater system is to avoid bar soaps, natural or otherwise, since they are often made from refined chicken fat. Liquid soaps are always advised and avoid bleach and borax for better septic tank health and function. Passive, non-electric with no moving parts so as graywater effluent flows in, clarified liquid automatically flows out to the leach field. Preserve and protect your greywater system leach field longevity by preventing bio-mat formation. Leach pits and fields fail when poor settling tank design allows drain lines (laterals) to clog with sediment "biomat forming". Greatly increase the life expectancy any reuse or disposal system with a filter to prevent solids greater than 1/16th of an inch from entering and eventually clogging your leach field. Our fitting and filter kit can convert nearly any water tank (barrel, vault, septic, or cistern) into a functional filter basin. Sieve filters extend beneath the scum layer (fats floating on top of tank water), siphoning relatively clear effluent from the middle. External-to-internal flow and sealed, gas-baffled end cap design prevents gas-borne solids (tiny particles) from floating atop gas bubbles and exiting. Click here or on pictures for the settling basin and greywater filter detail page

    Our greywater filter has 80 lineal feet of filtration area for up to 800 gallons per day treatment volume. A built-in gas deflector on bottom of filter provides secondary 1/2 inch filtration to prevent larger solids from entering the filter area inside. The patented flow reduces the trapping of solids in the filter by allowing solids to slough off and fall back into the tank for further digestion. 1/16 inch filtration slots, rather than mesh screens, provide much less surface area for solids to attach and promote the sloughing action. Filters feature a locking tab that securely locks the filter into its housing tee, preventing any chance of 'floating' by the filter and allowing solids to pass by. This design has served our clients well for over twenty years with nothing but positive feedback and great results. Filter never needs replacing and is very easy to clean when you inspect the greywater settling tank, which is normally done once a year, or as usage dictates. Install screens in your sinks and shower to trap hair before it goes down the drain and avoid flushing grease and oil down the drain to ensure minimal maintenance needs. What does not go down the drain, will never need cleaned out of the settling tank.

    Greywater settling filter basin tank shown cut-away with filter housing installed

    inlet hole & fittings are not pictured above

    Greywater tank or settling basin fittings and filter kit with all parts shown in this photo

    * FREE Shipping via UPS Ground to 48 states - we do not ship to APO, US Mail Box, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Isles, Mexico or Canada.
    Price includes the cost of shipping, which runs us nearly $200 these days.
    We keep units in stock for quick shipment by the next business day.

    Greywater Basin Settling Tank Kit (no filter) is $460*
    Settling basin kit is 26" diameter by 42" tall and includes: tank with lid, SDR35 and Sch40 rubber grommets for 4 inch inlet and outlet pipes, neoprene lid gasket, and tamper resistant lid fasteners. Filter with housing and handle kit pictured is sold separately for $69 or With tank fittings kit for $160 (see below).

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    12 inch Riser Extension for Settling Tank adds $105*

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    18 inch Riser Extension for Settling Tank adds $150*

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    Greywater Filter with Housing and Handle Kit is $69*
    Housing tee fits both SDR35 and thicker wall Sch40 4 inch diameter pipe. You never have to replace this greywater filter. Just hose it off once a year when you inspect the tank to see if it needs pumped of solids. In normal usage, this greywater tank filter schluffs debris for "self-cleaning" operation.

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    Greywater Settling Basin Tank Fitting AND Filter Kit $160*
    Includes the $69 filter with housing and handle, PLUS 4" diameter sewer/drain SDR35 PVC fittings needed for typical tank installation: threaded cleanout, inlet and outlet beveled pipes, rubber seal grommets, inlet tee, three spare couplers, outlet tee housing which fits both 4" SCH40 and SDR35 pipe, and a hole saw kit. Filter housing is ABS plastic, so use a multi-plastic cement when attaching to PVC outlet pipe. Always prime all glue pipe joints first, before cementing.

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    This 10 piece hole saw kit is included for free with our tank fitting and filter kit above for $160*. Every installation tends to be unique, so this free hole saw kit allows you to put the inlet, outlet, and inspection holes right where you need them. A nice touch that we continue to include for no extra charge with every tank fitting and filter kit. Trying to cut a round hole by hand or with a jigsaw can be a challenge, at best... risking ruin of the tank

    Hole saw kit makes installation of your septic basin kit a breeze.

    Click here for the settling basin and septic filter detail page

    Greywater sieve filter specification and installation details page
    Settling basin with filter Greywater recycling system package with filter and fittings kit and director valve

    Place settling tank within 5 to 10 feet of foundation and disperse greywater at least 20 feet away from the home.

    Greywater settling basin with filter and fittings kit and director-divertor valve

    Director Valves split 50/50 or all to one side are $69* delivered...
    FREE Shipping via UPS Ground to 48 states - we do not ship to APO, US Mail Box, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Isles, Mexico or Canada units are stock for quick shipment by the next business day

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    One of the keys to a quality gravity distribution system is the injection molded flow director. Even distribution is VERY important, so don't trust old-fashioned distribution boxes (D Boxes) which are notoriously unreliable. Even a minor amount of settling will drastically affect a D box's even distribution. One of the most common mistakes with greywater systems is relying upon simple Tees or Double Ells to properly distribute your effluent. Eventual settling and leveling errors as little as 1/8 of inch result in enormous differences in effluent distribution with Tees and Ells (manifolds) and D boxes. The trick to greywater leach field longevity is good soil health. Designing a system that allows you to switch (every few months) from one leach field to another allows one field to dry out between watering cycles and regain its health by opening soil pores to air. Leaving a leach field sodden constantly creates a septic 'bio-mat' in the lateral line trench that eventually causes a system to stop percolating and fail. This director/diverter valve (flow director) allows you to split greywater effluent exactly 50/50 or divert all to one side or the other. Laboratory tests have shown that even at a 1/8 inch tilt, these Flow Director Valves still deliver relatively equal 50/50 flow (+/- 1.3%). New stepped hub design (not shown) allows use of either Sch40 or SDR35 four inch PVC pipe. Material is injection molded PVC plastic and while not rated Sch40 or SDR35 since it is not a pressure fitting, the thickness is nearly that of Sch40. Director valve kit ships complete with threaded access cap, coupler for riser pipe, and flow adjustment handle. Please note that there is a 2-1/4 inch elevation drop between inlet pipe and outlet pipes on this director valve, so these may not work for a remodel where limited slope is available. Your effluent lines need to drop at least 1/8 inch per foot between tank and leach field.

    Greywater effluent flow director valve
    Greywater effluent flow director valve
    Side views of the greywater effluent flow director valve

    Septic filter basin kit with director valve

    The trick to successful irrigation with greywater is to design a system that allows you to switch from one leach field (planterbed) to another, thus allowing one field to dry out between watering cycles. This is especially important with fruit trees - they need to have their root systems dry out between waterings. The injection molded diverter valve (flow director) packaged with every $895 recycling kit allows you to split greywater 50/50 or divert all to one side or the other. This unique design allows monitoring (and dosing with fertilizer) of the effluent from grade, but the most important feature of our flow director is that it can be adjusted to either split the flow evenly between the two outlet lines OR alternate the flow to one side or the other.

    Greywater leach field irrigation fittings kit for the do-it-yourself graywater irrigation system.

    Greywater Leach Field Vent & Fittings Kit is $100*...
    If you do not need complete consultation, we offer the leach field kit separate
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    Leach field kit includes: 4 atrium style vent grates, 6 tees, 4 90's, 6 caps, and three extra couplers (all 4 inch diameter PVC). We'll soon be adding more sample layout sketches illustrating basic greywater reuse leach fields (or planterbeds) using the fittings we provide, which are a good start on a larger system or plenty enough parts for a standard residential graywater reuse leach field. Click here or on picture below for the greywater recycling system detail page with lots of details and sample sketches of various leach field designs using our kit of common everyday PVC pipe fittings. Atrium grates in tee fittings promote venting, which is the key to healthy soil and plant roots. Caps allow you to stop venting in exceptionally cold climates when winter tree root health dictates and to cap/plug the end of dead-end leach lines.

    Greywater reuse fittings kit illustrated as used with orchard fruit trees

    Division stripe image

    Battery Operated Moisture Sensor Flood Alarm is $20*...
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    Battery powered flood alarm product detail page

    Flood alarm moisture sensors are an integral part of many sustainable design systems and this one comes with a 5 year manufacturer replacement warranty! Sump pumps, cisterns, greywater tanks, greasetraps, and greywater filters alike can all benefit from this early warning overfill alarm. Washing machines, water heaters, pressure tanks and other household plumbing will leak, eventually. This flood alarm will let you know there's a problem with a piercing 110dB wail long before your couch starts to float away. This flood alarm's solid state circuitry is built into a 3 inch wide, 4.25 inch tall, and 1.5 inch deep sensor compartment. A single 9 volt battery powers the alarm and a battery saver feature keeps batteries fresh longer. Don't take chances with water damage. Protect yourself with a flood alarm.

    click here or on picture above for the flood alarm detail page

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