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Servel by Dometic RK400 kerosene powered refrigerator is no longer being imported.

OUT of STOCK with NO ETA... we are unlikely to restock this item
This page is posted for reference only. We are currently out of stock on the Servel RK400 kerosene refrigerator and will not be restocking. Previous delivered price was +/- $1800.
Replacement burner parts are available directly from

* 70.5" High (with feet) x 23.3" Wide x 27.2" Deep overall
* 8 cubic foot total capacity rated refrigerator and freezer
* separate freezer compartment with shelf (~1.5 cu ft)
* total shelf space of 11.5 square feet
* reversible hang refrigerator and freezer doors
* 325 watt 120 volt AC back-up power is standard
* kerosene consumption .24 gallon/24 hrs
* 6 Sturdy, rustproof wire shelves (2 in freezer)
* 4 adjustable racks in the door & 2 veggie bins
* flashlight battery powered (2 - D cell) interior light

Servel RGE400K kerosene refrigerator and kerosene freezer or keresene fridge

The Servel by Dometic RK400 kerosene powered refrigerator requires no electricity to operate! Heat makes cold through the natural cooling power of evaporation and condensation. A small wick-type kerosene burner heats an ammonia mixture which is permanently sealed inside the service-free cooling coils. The thermostatically controlled flame never shuts off, providing constant cooling unlike electrical compressor refrigerators which cycle off and on. Kerosene refrigerators are exceptionally durable because the constant cycle of evaporation and condensation is performed without any moving parts, which means no mechanical wear and tear. No compressor motor also means no noise and vibration, just peace and quiet. Non-electric appliances such as a gas refrigerator are must-have items for "off-the-grid" sustainable living. When you're generating your own electricity, it's not cost effective to operate large "energy hog" conventional electric kitchen appliances. In order to keep your photovoltaic array and battery collection at a reasonable size, you'll need to buy an all-gas range, a gas hot water heater, and a non-electric refrigerator. Inverters and generators simply can't be run non-stop and expected to last for any length of time. Gas powered absorption cooling systems are very quiet and much more dependable than an electric refrigerator with no compressor or other moving parts to ever wear out. A tiny pilot light is all that's needed to keep your food cold without electricity!

The Servel RK 400 kerosene refrigerator has all the same features and capacity as the propane gas model including back-up AC electrical power. A small heating coil does the work of the kerosene flame when you run out of fuel. Front openings (below the door) provide ventilation, view of the fuel level pin, and allow easy adjustment of the kerosene wick. Just set the cooling level and the thermostat maintains it, in style (please note that venting is necessary with kerosene refrigerators). White (W) is the only exterior finish available in the kerosene model. The easy-to-clean white interior features adjustable, removable shelves and door bins for stocking flexibility, plus two vegetable crispers and a battery powered interior light. The large freezer compartment has a 3 position adjustable shelf. Servel makes the ONLY kerosene refrigerator in the American market - propane is a cleaner, better choice, if you can get propane tanks to the site: Servel propane refrigerator Drop us an email with any questions or concerns. These Servel kerosene powered refrigerators are Out-Of-Stock with no estimated date of arrival, sorry.

Kereosene powered refrigerators need their wicks adjusted weekly and their exhaust flues cleaned regularly because of soot build-up from the relatively dirty fuel. Kerosene refrigerator manufacturers do not make their own wick-type burners. Aladdin® supplies all of their kerosene burners, so replacement parts are readily available. Model number is on the side of the burner or on the knob. Replacement parts are available directly from The Servel/Dometic RK400 kerosine refrigerator uses a full brass #23 Aladdin Burner, which interchanges parts with almost all other Aladdin burners except the #32. The #23 wick burns for approximately 1,200 hours (50 days), so you need eight for a full year of 24/7 operation. We suggest also getting one spare flame spreader, 67/40 flue, and a wick raiser to make it easier when cleaning (you can simply exchange them). Always having an extra/spare burner assembly on hand would be wise in a remote location. The burner assembly and 67/40 (40mm tall) #23 burner flues are not that easy to break, but you never know. All other parts will last for many years. It is not unusual to get twenty years out of an Aladdin burner with proper care and handling.

Americana 400 Specifications
Model RGE 400B RGE 400W RK 400W
Exterior color Bisque White White
Fuel LP gas LP gas Kerosene
Electrical 120V AC
60 Hz/325W
120V AC
60 Hz/325W
120V AC
60 Hz/325W
Height 63-1/2" 63-1/2" 70-1/2"
Width 23" 23" 23-3/8"
Depth 26-1/2" 26-1/2" 27-3/16"
Weight 168 lbs. 168 lbs. 189 lbs.
Door hang Right Right Right
Tank volume N/A N/A 2.5 US gal.
Energy use in 24 hrs., avg.*
Electricity 3.9 kwh 3.9 kwh 3.9 kwh
Fuel 1.1 lb. 1.1 lb. .24 gal.

* Electrical consumption figures are for backup power when out of gas.
Average consumption in 24 hours at 77 degree annual ambient temperature
according to ISO standards. Actual performance may naturally vary.

Servel RK400 manual plus some general installation and operation tips
Click here for a copy of the Servel RK400 kerosene refrigerator installation manual
Unfortunately, we no longer import kerosene powered refrigerators and do not have referral.

ALWAYS have a professional plumber install your kerosene appliance and test
ALWAYS leave the house and then call 911 if you ever smell keresene leak
ALWAYS leave the house and then call 911 if you ever smell ammonia leak
ALWAYS monthly trim the wick and clean the burner assembly and flue above
ALWAYS shut-off the gas supply to a vacant house (turn off all gas appliances)
NEVER install a gas appliance atop carpeting or near flammable wall materials

Always have a licensed professional plumber install your gas appliance (propane only) and test for leaks After your professionally licensed plumber has installed your gas appliance and connected the hose assembly (with dual regulator), make sure they apply a mixture of soap and water to all connections. Turn gas supply on (keep control on gas appliance turned off) and observe each connection for bubbles caused by leaks. If a connection is leaking it must be tightened until the leak stops. If a leak cannot be stopped, DO NOT USE. As with any gas appliance, professional installation is required by local building code and recommended by us since we accept absolutely no liability for any problems caused by unlicensed plumber installations. A complete installation and operation manual is included with every appliance and must be read before installing and using. We cannot be held responsible for any damage to property or to persons caused by incorrect installation or improper use of any appliance. The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to its products when considered necessary and useful, without affecting the essential safety and operating characteristics. We are therefore not responsible for any inaccuracies due to printing, transcription, or conversational errors, whether contained in this site, any printed source, or relayed in person.

Functionally, in terms of unit operation, you can transport on the side, if you must. When not possible to transport standing up, we suggest laying unit on the side opposite hinges to relieve stress on the door. Remove all interior door shelves and loose parts to avoid damage. It is especially important to allow unit to sit idle upright for at least 24, if not 48 hours before firing up after transporting on the side. Be extra careful not to damage the cooling coils on the rear of unit. If you see yellow fluid leaking that smells like ammonia, you just pierced the cooling coils - leave the house and then call 911.

Always allow a gas/kerosene refrigerator to sit idle for at least 24 hours after moving Transporting a gas refrigerator shakes the ammonia mixture in the cooling tubes causing bubbles to appear. After moving into place, be sure to let it sit for at least a day to settle out the bubbles. Vapor lock can occur, if not allowed to settle out, causing the refrigerator to fail to reach lower temperatures. Consult the factory techs at 800-366-3842 or 574-294-2511 or fax: 574-293-9686. Typically the unit is "burped" by turning upside down for 24 hours and then right side up for another 24 hours.

A little smoke from the burner is common when first lighting gas appliances There is always a little machining oil left on the burner parts and the flue above from the manufacturing process, so don't be surprised if it burns off with a little smoke when first lit, especially when you do not clean them first. Your installer normally wipes excess oil off burner as part of the installation process after checking burner for gas leaks (as per page 3 of installation manual), but they sometimes do not clean thoroughly. The flue above rarely has excess oil on it, but it could use a good cleaning too, if you wish to avoid a little smoke at first.

Always equip the gas supply tank (when propane) with a professionally set dual regulator at 11" water column This is very important to ensure efficient operation as too low or too high of gas pressure can cause appliances to burn oddly. Your home's propane tank should already be equipped with a two stage (dual) regulator (as per local plumbing code). And it helps to upgrade to an adjustable regulator so pressure can be "dialed-in", especially at high altitudes. Disconnect unit from the gas supply piping system during any pressure testing.

Always level your gas/kerosene refrigerator (front to back and side to side) In the boiler of the cooling unit, ammonia vapor is distilled from ammonia-water mixture and carried to the finned condenser where it liquefies. The liquid flows to the evaporator inside the refrigerator where it creates cold by evaporating into the circulating hydrogen gas. If the evaporator is not level, the liquid may accumulate forming pockets which may impair the gas circulation or block it completely, in which case cooling will stop.

The front feet/legs are designed for leveling, not for pushing the fridge back and forth, especially when loaded To lessen chance of damage, thread the front leveling feet all the way back up into legs/body when moving. And tilting slightly backward to relieve weight/stress on front leveling feet naturally helps, too. We highly suggest permanently installing a pair of Teflon coated "furniture sliders" under the refrigerator's front feet. These gas refrigerators are heavy for their size - moving when empty (and gas turned off) is always suggested.

ALWAYS allow at least minimum clearances (16" top, 2" sides & back). Servel and Dometic state minimum clearances of 16 inches top and 2 inch on all sides, but additional air flow is better and makes the units more efficient. The 16 inch top clearance is critical to proper operation of a kerosene burner - combustion fumes need to vent up and out unobstructed. The more ventilation around the unit the better, though, and keep the unit out of direct sunlight to reduce energy needs. Never, ever install any gas burning appliance on a carpeted floor or near flammable objects and/or walls. Ideally, the wall behind should be built of fire-proof materials and/or covered with non-flammable metal.

Never install kerosene or propane gas appliances in unventilated (air tight) structures or sleeping rooms Gas refrigerators consume air (oxygen) when operated on gas power. When used in any inside area, provide a fresh air opening of at least 3 square inches for propane, more for kerosene (or crack a window). Please note that an exterior flue is not required by the manufacturer where there is fresh air supply, but it is always a good option, especially with the kerosene powered unit. Starting a couple of inches above the flue, run a two inch diameter galvanized vent pipe through the roof (straight up is best). If you must exit a wall, avoid 90 degree bends and try to space 45's as far apart as possible. It is recommended that a carbon monoxide detector be installed in the same room as any gas appliance.

Never install a gas/kerosene refrigerator designed for residential use in a moving vehicle The Servel RGE400 units are not designed for mobile home, boat or recreational vehicle use. When a gas refrigerator is in motion, say in a vehicle, boat, or trailer, the continuous rolling and pitching movement will not affect the actual cooling operation of the unit, but not being level will. Safety with gas appliances is the main issue and an open flame is simply dangerous in a moving vehicle. Kerosene is particularly dangerous in a moving vehicle (or boat in motion). Once you reach a stationary point for an extended period, the gas refrigerator must be level and stable for correct operation. Operation on back-up electrical power is the only option when in motion and even then it is not assured.

Never run the electrical power and gas/kerosene power thermostats at the same time Backup electrical power 110 volt AC operation is STANDARD equipment on the Servel gas fridge. Should you ever run out of gas, it's very handy. Just be certain to never run both heaters at the same time. Serious damage will result to the cooling unit if you do.

Never try to cool an empty gas/kerosene fridge - it confounds the thermostat The same advice applies to electrical or gas refrigerators: refrigerating just air is relatively impossible. You should always have something in the freezer and refrigerator compartments for the thermostat to sense the temperature. If you run the unit with an empty freezer (or refrigerator compartment), the thermostat will cycle on more often, using much more fuel. Your unit will reach temperature quicker and maintain it more effectively when you load the freezer and refrigerator with frozen milk jugs full of water.

ANY gas/kerosene refrigerator's freezer compartment is not designed for quick freezing large quantities of food It is recommended that all foods be pre-frozen before being placed into the freezer compartment. If you need to put unfrozen food into the freezer, add no more than it will freeze within 24 hours (about 2 pounds per cubic foot of freezer space adding up to 5 pounds per 4 hours until freezer is full). Keeping the refrigerator as full as possible (leave air space between packages) helps with cooling as does keeping the unit out of direct sunlight. Defrost freezer should you notice ice build-up on the cooling plates.

REPLACING an older kerosene gas refrigerator? Crating and padding is recommended immediately after removal. If you intend to use the defunct appliance for furniture, take extreme steps to protect those rear coils. Cooling liquid is nearly pure ammonia... wrapped inside what is likely a pure LEAD 'radiator' pipe. Should you puncture the cooling system, likely yellow colorant should alert you, but the odor is hard to miss. Ammonia in contact with bleach creates fumes that are "even more" toxic, so always store bleach in another room. There are a few plumbing companies that specialize in extracting 'industrial' ammonia coolant (and freon, etc), but we cannot offer personal referral. When you approach these contractors on the phone, state that you want to have them "remove ammonia cooling liquid from a refrigerant system". Best not to lead-off with 'household refrigerator'. Such firms are equipped with on-site vans for industrial locations, but you might benefit from bringing the fridge to them. Best wishes for the project.

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Shade Panel Production

Our commercial grade knitted shadecloth carries a one year manufacturer's replacement warranty against defects in material and workmanship. You can expect at least 5 years of service when installed properly and well over ten years when used seasonally in a temperate climate. Client must inspect shade panels within one week of delivery in order to be able to report any damages. Rips, tears, and aesthetic damage you find more than one week after delivery are not reimbursed or replaced by the freight carrier or Additionally, merchandise that has been installed is not eligible for return or replacement for damage claims. Fabric is knitted polyolefin, primarily high density polyethylene HDPE, specially treated for durability and UV resistance. Wind damage from loose panel whipping, snagging, and abrading against the structure or cable framework is much more harmful in the long run than simple exposure to sunlight. Knit shade material should be installed hung underneath, not pulled across the top of cable or framework, to avoid abrasion and snagging damage. Chemical, fire, heat, abrasion, and snagging damage are not covered under manufacturer warranty. Shade panel warranty inspection returns must be authorized in advance and returned freight prepaid to designated location for visual inspection. will only pay the cost to ship warranty repaired or replaced merchandise back to client after inspection confirms damage was a material or workmanship defect. The following are trade-standard, non-valid reasons for requesting warranty inspection: First, there is no up-down, right-left, top-bottom or front-back reference point for any panel. Panel 'Width and Length' are measured from outside-edge to outside-edge of the sewn perimeter hem at the four corners only. Knit material has inherent tension and flex in the looming process that will resolve aesthetic issues when installed taut with rope lacing. Grommets on one side of panel are unlikely to line up with grommets on the opposite side or from one grommeted pinch pleat to the next. Exact one foot on-center grommet spacing, specific grommeted pinch pleat centering, and special placement on a particular side for grommets is not warranted. Any panel over 12 foot wide may have a noticeable factory knitted loom splice seam without notice in advance since the 20, 26, and 32 foot wide stock roll width fabrics are manufactured on side-by-side looms. We traditionally cover this seam with a grommeted pinch pleat, but it is possible to order plain cloth without a center GPP, per automated quoting form. Aesthetic issues are not warranted. For instance, the White 50% color knitted shade material can sometimes arrive with patches of orange discoloration and spotting as a result of the manufacturing process. This discoloration will dissipate after installation in the sunlight. Shade material may always be slightly wrinkled from rolling onto storage tube or shipping and knit appearance can vary from sample swatches presented and may also vary between various stock widths. Minor aesthetic flaws in knit appearance, stitching, and snags are not a structural panel failure problem and not warranted. Shade material is lockstitch knitted to prevent structural unraveling. Longevity is the same regardless of aesthetic appearance flaws in the fabric knit or perimeter webbing. If need be, one can use needle and thread to pull small flaws together and super-glue sealed. It is not considered a warranty-related defect unless it affects panel performance. Special fire resistant certified shade materials are not available. The finish 'Length' ordered is what we produce by cutting enough fabric to fold hem and GPP. The only time to anticipate deviation in finish dimension purchased is when 'Width' is a stock material width of 6, 8, 10, 12, 20, 26 and 32 foot. Then, finish 'Width' is likely going to be two to three inches less after folding and sewing perimeter hem and any length-wise grommeted pinch pleats. ALL other times, the size panel you request is the finish size we do our very best to produce. Knitted shade netting is inherently difficult to work with due to tension releasing when cut to custom sizes, so trade-standard warranty for free replacement is a four inch tolerance. As measured at four corners, any error of five inches, or more, is warranted for free remake, replacement, or refund at our sole discretion. This accuracy guarantee does not apply to shapes other than rectangles or any panel dimension over 32 foot. Errors of less than five inches are considered for remedy on a case-by-case basis only when the panel has not been installed and can be resold as a new-unused remnant. Special grommet placement requests are not warranted and grommet spacing at exactly one foot on center is not warranted. Click here for knit shade material engineering specifications and product MSDS sheet.

Warranty and Warnings

Merchandise purchased from is covered only under that product's manufacturer warranty. Client is solely responsible for presenting all claims under those warranties directly to the warrantor. makes no consultation, service work, or system design warranties, whether express or implied and shall not in any way be held responsible for any customer misuse of Our products or misunderstanding of any and all of Our designs, whether express or implied. All responsibility and liability for any and all damages caused by viruses contained within the electronic files of this site are disclaimed. All information contained within this site and supplied by any and all consultations, design work and service work is governed by the following information disclaimer. Be aware that septic tank effluent, composting toilet materials, and greywater alike contain bodily fluids and as such are regulated as Hazardous Materials by the Federal government. Such hazardous materials (raw sewage) should be handled only by licensed professionals trained in the proper safety procedures and using proper safety equipment. If you are unsure of the correct handling and safety procedures, please check with your local health department for more detailed information.

Installation and Liability

Merchandise purchased from or through must be installed by a licensed professional installer and in accordance with manufacturer's specifications and local/state/federal electrical, plumbing, health and building department regulations. Building department regulation requirements differ from one town to the next and it is the Client's sole responsibility to ensure compliance. This is particularly important with hard-wired electric kitchen appliances and hoods, gas refrigerators, septic systems, greywater projects, and composting toilets. Even shade panel installations can come under local regulatory scrutiny (pull permits) in some parts of the United States. Client understands that shade panels are not rated for any fire resistance and hereby confirms that no fire resistance has been expressed or implied by Seller for Merchandise. Client is solely responsible for purchasing (pulling), and coordinating all of the inspections for all of the necessary electrical, plumbing, grading, road, health and building permits for their project. Some of these services, as requested, can be provided to Our Summit County, Colorado Clients where is a licensed and insured general Contractor (license number 6) and septic system installer (license number 69). is not an architectural nor an engineering firm. We do Our best to consult on your project, but site specific engineering, load calculations, soil viability testing, and/or custom blueprinting are not included in any consultation service or system package We sell.

Art and Data Release

Client does hereby irrevocably consent to and authorize the anonymous use and reproduction by Us, or anyone authorized by Us, of any and all artwork, digital images, or stories submitted via email, phone or fax. Our primary concern is protection of your privacy. We never release Client information to anyone for any reason, so any use would be purely anonymous. We will not pay a fee or provide compensation of any sort, now or hereafter, for information, solicited or otherwise, that We share. Client hereby agrees to allow reproductions to be presented online or in printed format and hereby gives Us unrestricted right and permission to copyright and use, re-use, publish, and republish artwork, stories or digital images submitted without restriction as to changes or reproduction hereof in color or otherwise, made through any and all media now or hereafter known for illustration, art, promotion, advertising, trade, or any other purpose whatsoever. This agreement shall be binding upon Client and their heirs, legal representatives and assigns.

Information Disclaimer

The information from or through this site and from or through Architerra Enterprises, Inc. (d.b.a. The Natural Home Building source and is provided 'as-is', 'as available', and any and all warranties, express or implied, are disclaimed (including but not limited to the disclaimer of any implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose). We are not an engineering or architectural design firm. We are not licensed electricians or plumbers. We do not accept any legal liability whatsoever for any 'errors and omissions' perceived or otherwise. Any and all consultation given, or website information provided, may contain typos, errors, omissions, problems, or other limitations. Merchandise specifications are subject to change at any time by manufacturer without any advance notice from Our company or the manufacturer. Product specifications and installation instructions are likewise subject to possible error and may change at any time without Our knowledge. Blueprints, sketches, and any written consultation are provided for informational educational purposes only and not intended for construction-ready application without approval first by locally licensed structural engineer and local building department regulations. Our sole and entire maximum liability for any inaccurate information, for any reason, and user's sole and exclusive remedy for any cause whatsoever, shall be limited to the amount paid by the customer for the information received (if any cost was involved). We are not liable for any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages including but not limited to damages for loss of business, loss of profits, litigation, or the like, whether based on breach of contract, breach of warranty, tort (including negligence), product liability or otherwise, even if advised of the possibility of such damage. The limitations of damages set forth above are fundamental elements of this website, communications, and information provided without such limitations. No representations, warranties or guarantees whatsoever are made as to the accuracy, adequacy, integrity, reliability, currentness, completeness, suitability or applicability of the information to a particular situation. Complaints by Client to any rating agency, company review, or personal referral concerning Merchant or Merchandise in direct disregard of this terms of service agreement are to be considered libel and will be prosecuted as such, if need be.

Consultation and Service

Written and verbal consultation on the specifics of any project is governed by this terms of service agreement, with or without purchase of Merchandise. Technical assistance is different with us because Our staff members live with what We sell. Housing, septic, composting and greywater systems all include free on-going consultation, so We'll take the time to answer your questions and ensure your project is a success. At the very least, We strive to save you money by avoiding costly mistakes, both short and long term. If We don't have an answer to your question right on the spot, We'll take the time to research it further and get back to you. We can consult on the phone, if you wish, but email allows us to much more completely answer your questions with sketches and links to related articles. Keeping everything in writing is a sure way to avoid any confusion with "you said he said" situations later. Our sustainable housing products are low-tech in nature, but their design is typically complicated by the seemingly endless installation variables for unique locations and applications. Any and all consultation (blueprints, photos, written word and sketches) purchased from are the intellectual, copyrighted property of HTM house plans, septic system packages and greywater kit components Were designed and priced for the typical home and based upon the average soil type. Whether or not your local building department requires stamped engineer approval, you are well advised to take sample blueprints, sketch plans, and system consultation suggestions to a local professional engineer (PE). Local PEs are familiar with your soil type and more aware of unique building codes and concerns in your area. Most importantly, a local PE is readily available for the necessary site visits. your PE is then responsible for preparing a folder of notes and details which confirm the structural integrity, viability and liability for your project. is not an architectural design nor an engineering firm. We do Our best to consult on your project, but site specific engineering, load calculations, soil viability testing and/or custom blueprinting are not included in any consultation service or system package We sell. Communication is intended only for the paid Client recipient(s) and may be confidential and/or legally privileged and must be treated as such in accordance with state and federal laws. Any disclosure, copying, distribution or action taken in reliance on the content is strictly prohibited.

Fiberglass Water Tubes

Water Tube and Cap ("Item") is manufactured for Client on special order basis by an independent company ("Manufacturer"). Manufacturer's warranty and guarantee, and special terms and conditions of sale and delivery apply to this Item. No warranty or guarantee is provided, expressed, or implied by Merchant, Merchant and Manufacturer do not assume any liability or responsibility for damage in transit. Only the transportation company is responsible for damage in transit. Before signing and receiving Item from transportation company, Client should demand to see packing list from Item shipment. If shipment is short Item (for instance: three caps, not four) or damaged (any Item defects), refuse the goods until the transportation agent notes the shortage or damage in writing on the freight receipt waybill. Always require a copy of the annotated waybill with shortage or damage noted in writing and signed/initialed by driver.Watch for hidden damage and inspect all Items fully before signing and accepting the shipment from a freight carrier. Client signature is testament that Item arrived in the proper amount and in undamaged condition. Hidden damage or shortage (anything found after delivery) is Client's sole responsibility to file claim with transportation company. Merchant and Manufacturer do not assume any responsibility or liability for Item damage during/after installation. Manufacturer guarantees Item is up to its established standard of manufacture as to material and workmanship. In all claims, liability is limited to replacement of the invoice value of any Item claimed to be defective. Client assumes all risk and liability whatsoever resulting from the use of such Item, whether used singly or in combination with other substances. The materials purchased hereunder (Item) shall be examined and tested upon receipt thereof, and before the materials are used and within thirty days from such receipt, Client shall notify Merchant in writing of any claims on account of quality thereof. Failure to so notify Merchant shall constitute a waiver of all claims with respect to Item, and in any event the use of Item by Client shall be deemed to mean satisfactory performance on the Item and Merchant. No claim of any kind (whether as to Item delivered or for non-delivery of Item) shall be greater in amount than the purchase price of Item covered hereby with respect to which any damages are claimed. Merchant and Manufacturer will accept no returns unless previously authorized in writing with Return Merchandise Agreement. Item returned without RMA written permission is liable to non-acceptance and return at expense of Client. RMA will specify 25% restocking fee on Item, plus deduction for original cost of crating and shipping, plus Client is responsible for all return shipping arrangements and all related expenses. There are no promises, agreements, or understandings between Client and Merchant and Manufacturer not contained in this document. Should you use your own form to make a purchase based on a price quote from Merchant, the conditions contained herein shall be deemed to be incorporated in said order or contract or invoice.