Sustainable green-home products and high thermal mass HTM design building tips from the original zero-energy green home building company, with over 25 years in business!

Custom size and pre-made knit shade pergola covers and patio sunscreens with hem, grommet, pleat, and pocket work

Outdoor, knitted shade fabric (shadecloth) provides sun protection as patio cover, playground shading, paintball netting, and sun screen.

Kobe® Premium Series stainless steel kitchen range hoods for wall mount or under cabinet kitchen vent installation 

Stainless steel kitchen appliances featuring Kobe stainless steel range hood.

Servel Dometic® RGE400 propane LP gas refrigerator parts, troubleshooting, and installation tips for non-electric appliances

Sewage system parts, Infiltrator® septic tanks and chambers, plus seasoned advice on how to install and repair leach fields  

Greywater disposal system kits with no moving parts to ever replace, plus graywater recycling advice for landscape irrigation 

SunMar® self-contained composting toilets, plus how to install tips,troubleshooting, and do-it-yourself maintenance guide 

Multi-purpose drywell leach pit kits for septic, greywater, roof runoff, water softener or pool backwash, drive or yard drainage

Overview of The Natural Home's passive solar and sustainable home product line, with more kits and systems in the works 

Free guidebook for you, from original High Thermal Mass HTM™ earth home, passive solar zero-energy design specialist 

Sustainable housing design, passive solar, green home, zero energy, high thermal mass HTM do-it-yourself solar house plans are featured along with custom sized knit shade panels. And Kobe Range Hood stainless steel chimney hood kitchen vents. Septic tanks, settling filter basins, and geotextile fabric. Infiltrator chamber leach field systems. Graywater reuse and greywater recycling systems. Drywell leach pit kits for storm water, sewage disposal, washer drainage, and erosion sediment control. Servel RGE400 Dometic non-electric appliance propane gas refrigerators with freezer. Sun-Mar Excel self-contained waterless composting toilets. Energy saving shadecloth for patio shade covers, heat storage tubes, and more...