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Sustainable green-home products and high thermal mass HTM design building tips from
the original zero-energy green home building company, with over 20 years in business!

Sustainable housing design, passive solar, green home, zero energy, high thermal mass HTM do-it-yourself solar house plans are featured along with custom sized knit shade panels - Kobe Range Hood stainless steel chimney hood kitchen vents - septic tanks, settling filter basins, and geotextile fabric - Infiltrator chamber leach field systems - graywater reuse and greywater recycling systems - drywell kits for storm water, sewage disposal, washer drainage, and erosion sediment control - Servel RGE400 Dometic non-electric appliance propane gas refrigerators - Sun-Mar Excel self-contained waterless composting toilets - energy saving shade cloth products, heat storage tubes, and more.

Passive Solar Home Construction Consultation
Original High Thermal Mass HTM
earth home
passive solar, green home consultation and
sustainable zero energy housing design specialist

Sustainable zero energy housing design, passive solar house plans feature earth sheltered, high thermal mass, earth home, greenhouse style planterbeds.

Sun Screen Fabric & Custom Shade Panel Tarps
tape, hem and grommet custom size sun shades
colored knit shade cloth for patio covers and drapes
windscreen, sunscreen, canopy, or paintball netting

Outdoor, knitted shade fabric (shadecloth) provides sun protection as patio cover, playground shading, paintball netting, and sun screen.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Hoods and Appliances
® stainless steel chimney hoods and vents
professional quality range hoods for residential use
European designs with meticulous engineering

Stainless steel kitchen appliances featuring Kobe stainless steel range hood.

Servel Dometic RGE400 Propane Gas Refrigerators
® RGE400 by Dometic is the gold standard
zero electricity is required to run this gas fridge
NO other brand of gas refrigerator is near the quality

Propane, kerosene, and natural gas refrigerator, stainless steel range, gas space heater, and other non-electric appliances.

Septic System Parts, Consultation & Design
plastic septic tank, septic filter & septic filter basin
® gravel-less chamber leach field system
do-it-yourself septic systems and repair advice

Do-it-yourself septic system information features Infiltrator chamber leach field, septic tank, and cistern.

Greywater Recycling Parts, Consultation & Design
passive settling tanks and filters - NO moving parts
care-free greywater disposal and graywater reuse
free system consultation with every kit we sell

Greywater recycling system kits provide care-free graywater irrigation for your planterbeds. The electric kit features the Clivus Multrum greywater recycling pre-filter box.

Waterless Composting Toilet Consultation & Design
® self-contained composting toilet kits
bathroom solutions for sites lacking water & electric
20 years of installation and service experience

SunMar composting toilet systems offer a waterless toilet alternative.

Sump Basin & Storm Water Drainage Drywell Kits
leaching pits are perfect for roof runoff control
divert gutters away from dry and warm foundation
water softener or pool filter backwash drain pit

Sustainable design starts with storm water drainage and sediment control - our drywell kits cure wet foundation and sump pit problems.

Sustainable Design Home Products and Services
heat storage tubes for passive solar collection
shade cloth, flood alarms & garbage composters
more good stuff coming just as soon as we test it!

Sustainable design, passive solar products like these heat storage tubes, plus, shade cloth, drywells and Summer boxes.

Merchant Services


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