Passive solar, zero-energy, sustainable living, home building & design links

Architecture Research Institute Inc. 
institution working for more livable cities 

Chelsea Green Publishing Company 
best source for sustainable living textbooks 

Crawl Space Guide for Energy Efficiency 
functional tips for crawl space homes SBC block tips 
dry stack block SBC tools & techniques 

Home Inspection & Construction 
avoid some home environmental hazards 

Humanure Handbook 
composting toilet book by J.C. Jenkins 

Infiltrator® Chamber Leach Field 
advanced chamber-style septic systems 

James Dulley - syndicated columnist 
countless home mechanical system topics 

Lightning Rod Parts and Installation 
lightning rods are sound fire insurance 

National Sanitation Foundation 
ANSI/NSF certified composters & septics

Natural Home magazine and videos 
environmental, healthy lifestyle homes 

solar7.83 Design Studio's resource page 
extensive list of solar construction links 

Sunelco - The Sun Electric Company 
solar designers & pump suppliers since '85 

Sun-Mar® Composters 
self-contained waterless composting toilets 

Sun-Ray Solar custom crafting 
custom solar absorber plates and collectors

plus, some staff personal picks... website
comic strip archives and editorial cartoons 

Union of Concerned Scientists 
researchers working for a healthier world 

High Country News 
dedicated to a society to match the scenery 

Mountain Zone 
outdoor adventure expedition videos

Passive Solar textbooks all seem to present a rather confusing 'shotgun effect' with a laundry list of options, all based upon conventional residential stick-frame architectural models... but some do think outside the box:

  • Malcolm Wells' The Earth Sheltered House: an artist's sketchbook is rich in drawings and inspiration 
  • Robert L. Roy's Earthwood Series includes SBC construction details and curved wall structures 
  • Michael Reynold's Earthship Series for back-to-basics rammed earth how-to-do buildings 
  • Daniel D. Chiras' The Natural House and The Solar House are both excellent textbooks 
    and with more focus on HTM construction
  • our free Passive Solar Design eBook

We no longer provide any HTM passive solar home design consultation services.
Our design practice is closed to new clients while working on a new book and personal projects.
And unfortunately, architect and contractor referrals are not possible to for us to provide.
HTM Home Tour DVD is available, but it does not include any personal consultation time.

HTM Home Tour DVD


Not a do-it-yourself video, but rather a narrated HTM™ passive solar, earth home tour. Second half-hour features Infiltrator® chamber leach field septic system installation tips, plus some classic footage from Sun-Mar® composting toilets. All proceeds benefit LAPS, a local animal charity.